Junior Achievement - Elementary Students with Chuck

The Foundation guest teaches for the Junior Achievement program in elementary and middle schools in various areas of metro Denver and across Colorado’s Front Range.

In 2017, we were recognized for our literally hundreds of hours of volunteer teaching in elementary schools around Denver. It has been a great honor for us to be part of the Junior Achievement program.

Success in school and—later—in business. Success in life. That’s how project management, the 21st Century Life Skill, can make a difference in developing capable, competent, and confident young adults.

Junior Achievement - Middle School Students

Additionally, we recently participated in Junior Achievement’s program for middle school students called, “It’s My future.” It’s all about how choices individuals make in middle school will have an impact on them now and in their future. It covers how to become an entrepreneur, present their own personal brand, and how.

“Working with the students in Junior Achievement and their teachers is an awesome privilege for us.”
Chuck Knezevich, PMP, Mentor.

Whether with elementary or middle schools, the goal of the Foundation is to bring fun, exciting exercises in project management that provide life skills for young people—and put them on the path to organized, practical skill sets that provide a foundation for success.

Junior Achievement - Elementary Students

We are so fortunate to be able to partner with Junior Achievement