Group of Scholarship Winners

We’re project management professionals dedicated to bringing along the next generation of leaders for the 21st Century workforce.

Each of our Board Members and Ambassadors/Teachers bring 25-40 years of practical, hands on project management leadership in corporations and organizations across Colorado.

The only project management education foundation in Colorado, we are the community outreach of project management leaders in the Rocky Mountain West.

Each of our ambassadors has served in served as project managers, program managers, team leaders or consultants in a variety of Colorado’s largest companies and universities.

Denver PM Education Foundation Girl

Additionally, we have served and serve currently as project management instructors and mentors in Colorado universities and technology schools.

We lead and have led in areas including IT, hardware & software development, engineering, mergers & acquisitions, consumer product development, emergency response, corporate operations, corporate management, encompassing feasibility assessment, budgeting, human resource allocation, project cost control, documentation, and problem resolution schedule.

Denver PM Education Foundation Guys at Table